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Meditation by the Sea

All About Me

My name is Krishna O.

Approximately 10 years ago my Husband discovered that he was Lactose Intolerant. This was a big culture shift in our house, after all he was married to a Dairy Farmers Daughter! 

My Husband’s health improved dramatically after eliminating dairy from his diet but availability or a steady supply of dairy free products was minimal and shopping became frustrating as milk seemed to be used in so many products.

 Whilst he continued to be well most of the time there was the occasional attack of sickness where we couldn’t trace or find the source of dairy that caused it. These attacks became more frequent. However, after investigation we discovered that he was also Gluten Intolerant. I truly felt this was my worst nightmare Dairy & Gluten! I can’t cook anything now and our days of eating anything we liked were over!

Initially when he was diagnosed, I went to various supermarkets and shopped their small token range. However, I soon discovered that many of the products weren’t that easy to cook with or didn’t taste that great.  But as our journey of Gluten Free or Dairy/Lactose Free continued, I also started to meet many people like us living with multiple Allergies and intolerance's or on specialized diets such as low sugar, FODMAP, Vegan or Paleo diets. They shared my frustrations, where can we shop? Why do we need to go to multiple outlets, pay premium pricing, what’s new and will my favourite actually taste good or be easy to prepare?

Fortunately, my work at the time involved travel and I would often stop for lunch or coffee at Café’s in fantastic gourmet locations around Victoria. Each time I would find something for the pantry that was Gluten Free, Diary Free or both, that I hadn’t been able to find in the leading Supermarkets. Generally, they tasted great and were good to cook with, but best of all they were locally made. However, this meant that I was forced to go to lots of different locations just to source these products. There had to be an easier way …


So the vision of the Sensitive Home began…

My Philosophy

I am passionate about being able to help and provide information for people whom have food intolerances or sensitivities, I want to ensure that just because we have intolerances or allergies we can have access to great products, to cook, create meals and enjoy food. At the same time being a part of a great community that is mindful how sensitive the world is, that has a holistic approach to everything we do.

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