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Budget Friendly Gluten Free Bread That You Can Buy With Spare Change!

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If there is one thing that scares people off going gluten free or when you are diagnosed with Coeliac disease, it’s having to break up with bread. And if you’ve have browsed the supermarket isles your can see there is quite a varieties range from $3.99 to $9.99.



Over the years I had endured the misfortune and the joy of eating gluten free breads. My frustration of ingesting some of the more underwhelming substitutes on the market has lead me to wanting to knock on some manufacturer’s doors and say “Excuse me, are you aware the product you’ve labelled as ‘bread’ is actually just dust cut into slices?”

The frustrating thing is that gluten has been pretty much essential if you want your bread to have the structural integrity of a crusty loaf. This lack of ‘glue’ results in manufacturers using other substitutes and can go one of two ways – they’re either like eating a bit of dry biscuit or they’re so packed full of binding agents you need a brush to get the remains off the roof of your mouth when you’re done!


So, if you have given up gluten or are diagnosed with Coeliac disease are you destined for a life without bread? Not quite – but it’s fair to say you are going to have to make a few compromises….

If you think size matters, you’d better get over it!

If you’re used to a giant piece of Tip Top and having enough bread for a week you should probably start to familiarise yourself with the idea of smaller portions (which isn’t a bad thing) and not lasting that long or having as many portions.

Gluten free bread is not for the faint hearted and if it’s fad thing for you, or you love your normal bread it’s probably time to stop pretending you’re gluten intolerant now.

The positive, however, is that gluten-free breads are often full of more nourishing ingredients than other breads, so you’ll feel fuller for longer (even with the smaller portions) and a lot of them are Made In Australia.. Another factor we consider when purchasing our bread.

The Heads Up....Going out for milk and bread may now require more than a $5 note!

If you’re used to paying $2 for a loaf of bread then take a seat because the gluten-free stuff is usually around the $7 mark (significant increase to the grocery bill and is about as far from ‘free’ as you can get). Then once you have handed over your money, it comes back to that size thing vs price. Maybe I’ll take back my above judgement on size…if the loaves were any bigger, I probably couldn’t afford them anyway! However, Coles Woolworths & Aldi all have budget friendly options, more on those later.

Get used to liking your sandwiches toasted

The trick with gluten-free bread particularly the budget type is to toast it within an inch of its life. It literally doesn’t burn, but if you really cook the hell out of it, it gets much closer to the consistency of real people toast and actually tastes really good.

So, is there any hope?

Yes! In the last 6 months there seems to have been a flood of options hitting the supermarket shelves. In short you won’t be giving away your morning piece of toast! We will be giving you reviews on the options available but let’s start with the private label, budget conscious breads available starting at $3.99.

Coles I’m Free from White Bread

Coles Wbread.jpg


INGREDIENTS: Water, Modified Tapioca Starch (1442), Rice Flour, Maize Starch, Soy Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Vinegar, Egg White Powder, Soy Protein, Dried Yeast, Iodised Salt, Psyllium Husk Powder, Vegetable Gums (412, 464, 466, 461), Humectant (422), Preservative (Sorbic Acid).

Free From: Gluten, Wheat

Allergy Notations: Contains Soy and Egg. It may contain traces of Milk. Suitable for Vegetarians, No artificial colours & flavours

Weight: 500g

Health Star Rating: 4.5

Price $4.50 or $0.90 per 100G

Other Varieties: Seeded & Fruit


This loaf has a lovely crisp outside and soft on the inside making it suitable for sandwiches. When toasted it does brown well and when buttered holds its shape well. Also great in the Sandwich press but doesn’t brown quite as well. Long shelf life and suitable to freeze for up to 4 months.

Woolworths Free From White Bread

WW GF Bread.jpg


Ingredients: Water, Modified Tapioca Starch (1442), Rice Flour, Canola Oil, Sugar, Soy Flour, Egg White, Yeast, Iodised Salt, Vinegar, Vegetable Gums (412, 464, 466)

Free From: Gluten, Dairy

Allergy Notations: Contains Egg & Soy

Weight: 550g

Health Star Rating: 3

Price $4.50 or $0.82 per 100G

Other Varieties : Seeded & Fruit


This loaf doesn’t have the same colour and texture as Coles one. The slices are sticky and require separation for use. I wouldn’t use it for fresh sandwiches because of its texture and its not flavorsome as others, but would be deemed palatable if necessary. Good for toasting loaded up with other flavours. This bread has been frozen and thawed already and home freezing is not recommended.

Aldi - Has No Gluten 

Aldi Has No.jpg

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Ingredients: rice flour, maize and potato starch, psyllium flour, iodised salt, yeast and white vinegar.

Has No: Gluten, Dairy, Suitable for Vegetarians

Allergen Notations: Egg and soy and sesame seeds may be present

Health Star Rating: 3.5

Weight 400g

Price $3.99 $0.39 per 100G

Suitable to Freeze up to 4 months

Aldi white bread, definitely has more of a wholemeal flavour and colour. It has a nice crisp crust and the inside is springy but a drier texture than others. You could definitely use for fresh sandwiches but keep in mind the fillings won’t sit as well inside with the drier texture. However, if you using fillings like tomato, egg and mayo it won’t go soggy as quick. It toasts well however, be careful when applying your butter as it can tear due to the drier texture. Be mindful of this when your using it for toasted sandwiches. A good all round bread for the budget conscious.

So, which of these budget friendly gluten free breads do buy more often than the others…

Coles I’m Free From White Bread followed by Aldi’s Has No Gluten White Bread.


The content of this review is intended to be of help to you, and is based on my personal experience, taste and opinions. I am not affiliated with the products or businesses mentioned, and reviews and articles are independent, unless otherwise specified. All product information was correct at the time of publishing and can change without notice.

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