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This beautiful floral blend of aromatic herbs and flowers has been formulated with your health & wellbeing in mind.

Organically (where possible) & ethically sourced ingredients blended together synergistically to bring you a soul warming cuppa that will make you feel loved in every way.

The intention behind this blend is to assist you with drifting off to sleep and leaving the concerns of the day behind.

The My Sleeping Tea has proven itself repeatedly for so many of our customers all over the world. We maintain simple procedures & processes when it comes to blending & packaging, as we feel that this is an important part of why our products sell so well.

We believe that starting with a good night sleep is that corner stone and foundation to good health and we believe that this visually pleasing blend will deliver on it’s promise time and time again.

This product is hands down the most popular in the range and I would we personally recommend this as a starting point when trying to choose once of many splendid delights from the ranges.

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, unwinding, resting or anything in between, Try My Sleep Tea today.

My Organic Tea - My Sleeping Tea (30 Serves)

  • Floral scents-

     which deliver an intense aroma at times

    Lavender, Rose petals, Chamomile, Lemon Balm

    Nutty/earthy undertones-

    Delivering a slight earthiness & grounding sense

    Vervain, Passionflower

    If you'd like to find out more details about the ingredients head to the master class page

    The ingredients in this blend are powerful nervine and calming herbs and flowers, all great choices for anxiety, sleeplessness, nervousness, stress, worry & if you have a busy mind and your having trouble switching off. Most customers  find this blend very relaxing and tranquil.

  • My Sleeping Tea is recommended about an hour before bedtime

    • Please 1 heaped teaspoon in an infuser or teapot (add at least 2 tablespoons if using a larger teapot for more than 2 cups)
    • Allow kettle to boil no more than 80 degrees Celsius
    • Pour boiled water over in the cup or teapot
    • Allow to steep for a few minutes or until the desired taste is reached
    • Top up if desired or re use the leaves for the following evening
    • You can re-use your leave up to 3 times & dispose of the use leaves on the garden


    • We recommend that you refrain from using any electronic equipment a few hours before bedtime
    • Limit the amount caffeine, sugar and alcohol consumed near bedtime
    • Quiet reading or taking a warm bath is also great to switch off and relax
    • Having your evening meal before 7.30pm to allow the digestive process to take place


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