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This delightful blend that harmoniously brings together the flowers, the trees from far reaching corners of the globe.

Organically (where possible) & ethically sourced ingredients blended together synergistically to bring you a delicately deep mix to tickle your sense, experience a raising of your vibration & a clearing of the mind

The intention behind this blend is to assist you with feeling more uplifted in your day, offered up as a coffee alternative with less caffeine & more health benefits. This beautiful blend is one of those that offers a sense of well being & harmony,

The My Energy Tea has proven itself repeatedly for so many of our customers all over the world. We maintain simple procedures & processes when it comes to blending & packaging, as we feel that this is an important part of why our products sell so well.

Not only is this blend pleasing on the eye. It tastes great & is packed with health benefits, we believe that herbal tea is a way of adding extra goodness to your body in the simplest of ways, the ritual of drinking herbal tea can only add a positive element to your life without having to over think it.


If your looking for a coffee alternative and wanting to change your morning routine, or if you enjoy a mix of citrus with a hint of floral and earthy undertones. This blend is for you, it tastes great hot or cold, My Energy Tea is up there in out top 5 best.

My Organic Tea - My Energy Tea (30 Serves)


    Floral scents-

    Offering up just a slight hint of floral, so subtle but powerful

    Rose petals

    Earthy undertones-

    Delivering a slight earthiness, grounding the senses, with a hint of clarity

    Siberian Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Sencha Green Tea

    Citrus hints-

    A beautiful balance to bring about a feeling of freshness and uplift

    Lemongrass, Lime

    The ingredients in this blend include adaptogens that may assist with how you deal with stress on a day to day basis

    This product contains caffeine  

  • My Energy Tea is recommended any time before 3.30pm (if your caffeine sensitive) & 2-3 times per day, if you are sensitive, I would recommend only 1 cup per day

    A great tea pre workout, pre study or just needing to feel more uplifted

    • Place one heaped teaspoon in an infuser or teapot (add at least 2 tablespoons if using a larger teapot for more than 2 cups)
    • Allow kettle to boil no more than 80 degrees Celsius
    • Pour boiled water over in the cup or teapot
    • Allow too steep for a few minutes or until the desired taste is reached
    • Top up if desired or re use the leaves for the following evening
    • You can re-use your leave up to 3 times & dispose of the use leaves on the garden



    *This product is for you if you enjoy green tea & love the added benefits of feeling more energised and uplifted

    *This product is not for you if you are pregnant or breast feeding or allergies to any of the above herbs or flowers & do not like or want a blend with caffeine

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