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VGood HazelNOT Choc Chickpea Butter combines roasted chickpeas with the highest quality cacao from Holland to create a rich, thick and creamy chocolate spread that is completely nut, dairy, soy, and gluten-free, with 60% less sugar than alternative hazelnut-chocolate spreads.

Use it as a lunchbox safe spread, on toast, or as a versatile ingredient for brownies, pancakes, smoothies, and protein balls

  • 60% less sugar than other choc-hazelnut spreads.
  • Free from tree-nuts and peanuts.
  • Free from gluten, dairy, soy and egg.
  • Made in a facility free from top 14 food allergens.
  • Plant based source of fibre, iron and protein.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • No added sweeteners


HazelNOT Choc Chickpea Butter

  • Roasted chickpeas, vegetable oil, sugar, cocoa, natural flavour.

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