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  • Keep your produce naturally fresh for 2-4 times longer!
  • Good for the environment- Reduces food waste
  • Finacially Friendly - Saves Money
  • Guarantees Freshness - Maintains the life of your produce


Paper sheets are designed to be dropped into any existing packaging, Great for cakes, biscuits, muffins, bread or any other fresh-from-the-bakery & homemade baked goods. Just pop a sheet of FreshPaper for Bread anywhere you normally store your baked goods to keep them fresher for longer! Remember to let air circulate for the product to work.

For as little as $2 a week, FreshPaper is a low-cost, compostable, and easy to use solution that is changing the way families eat across the globe.

Freshpaper Food Saver Sheets 4 Pack - Bread & Baked Goods

    • Simply place one small sheet into an open fruit and vegetable fridge drawer, carton, bag or ‘lid free’ container filled with produce. It is not intended for use in air-tight containers or in water

    • For smaller items, i.e. a strawberry punnet, cut a piece of FreshPaper in half and place it underneath the fruit

    • If you’re storing lots of produce in the one place, be sure to place another sheet on top so all your fruit and veg gets some FreshPaper love!

    • FreshPaper works best on really fresh produce so begin using as soon as you unpack your fruit and veg

    • When using your FreshPaper in a fridge drawer make sure to keep the produce bags open for best results

    • Once the sweet, spicy scent has disappeared from your FreshPaper, replace with another sheet. These sheets are recyclable because they’ve been made with recyclable, biodegradable and compostable materials!

    • Don’t forget to close your FreshPaper bag because the sheets can last up to two years in original packaging!

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