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Say goodbye to plastic waste in the bathroom and expensive blade refills! Ever Eco

simple and sleek solution for plastic-free, low-waste shaving. Enjoy a close, gentle shave without contributing to landfill while the luxe rose gold finish will also look pretty chic in your bathroom.


  • Reusable, plastic-free safety razor
  • Includes 10 replacement blades 
  • The eco friendly way to shave- no plastic parts or packaging
  • Made from ultra durable brass alloy, electroplated with a rose gold finish

Ever Eco Reusable Safety Razor - Rose Gold

SKU: PM159

    • Shave in short, gentle strokes without applying pressure. The weight of the razor is enough to provide a super close shave
      • Use with shaving cream, gel or a shave bar to help the razor glide
      • Take it slowly while getting used to this new way of shaving. Once you get the hang of it, you'll never go back!
      • The blade is double sided, so you should expect to get around 6-7 shaves per side. Once blunt, replace the blade. Store used blades in a jar or container. Once filled, seal container and contact your local council for the location of your nearest recycling facility
      • Store razor outside of the shower and allow to dry between uses 


    • Twist the handle anti-clockwise until the razor head opens
    • Carefully remove blunt blade
    • Unwrap a new blade and place onto the head


    • Replacement blades will soon be available in our online store. They're also readily available from specialty shaving retailers (in Australia - The Shaver Shop) or simply search online for 'double edge safety razor blades'. 
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