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  • Krishna O

This Year I'm Giving Up The Bottle...My 2021 Intention

A New year, and I decided to give up the bottle... Yep! I was sick and tired of plastic bottles in the bathroom not to mention the environmental impacts are..So I started using shampoo & conditioner bars. But honestly, I thought my traditional shampoo & conditioner was the best for my hair. After all, I was buying it on the recommendation of my hairdresser and was outlaying significant money for these products. However, I can't believe how much better my hair is since using the 'Volume' shampoo bar! My thin, wiry hair is definitely fuller and actually shiny! I couldn't believe it! I became a shampoo bar convert. Are you looking to #giveupthebottle this year but worried that using a shampoo bar will be difficult? Trust me, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1️⃣ Swipe the shampoo directly on your wet hair, from root to tip 4-5 times (use less than you think you need).

2️⃣ Pop the bar down & massage the product through roots - it will lather!

3️⃣ Rinse. Easy peasy!

Pro tip: applying the bar directly to your roots is more effective than lathering between your hands. The surfactants (foamy cleansing ingredients) in the bars end up binding with the oils in the hand, rather than just the oils in your hair, so you’re pretty much washing your hands! For a thorough cleanse, apply directly to your roots. 💚 🌎

To shop our range of Shampoo bars click on the link below.

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