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Let's Ditch The Single Use Cotton Pad & Save The Environment

We can all agree cotton pads do wonders for our makeup routine – and are the reason we manage to get most of our makeup off at the end of each day. But environmentally speaking, they are a total disaster.

Not only are they non-recyclable and non-degradable, it takes a ton of water to produce each single-use cotton pad, which, unless it’s made from organic cotton, is also grown with pesticides which damage the surrounding environment.

Reusable cotton pads are another great step towards zero-waste living. After all, we have moved towards reusable products in other aspects of our lives, water bottles and coffee cups to nappies and wipes, so focusing on how we can be more sustainable in our beauty regime so swapping our single- use cotton pads for reusable cotton pads is the logical next step.

Given that the average female will use over 80,000 cotton pads in her lifetime not only are reusable cotton pads kinder to the environment, they are also feel rather luxurious to use. Many are made from sustainable bamboo or micro-fibre, so they are super gentle on the skin and ideal for facial cleansing or removing eye makeup. Most also come packaged in lovely washable bags and the best bit? They only need a bit of warm water to work. Looking fantastic has never been simpler.

So long as you regularly do your laundry and remember to throw these in there is no downside to buying these reusable pads. They remove makeup with ease, are durable (survive washing and tumble drying) but also gentle on your skin.

How do you wash reusable cotton pads?

To prevent them from fraying, wash your reusable cotton pads in a delicate bag if there is not a bag provided. They need to be washed frequently - like every time you have used them to remove makeup frequently - to get rid of any dirt and bacteria, so having a couple of sets is handy. Also, pay attention to the detergent you are washing them with do not use anything too strong as you do not want to irritate your skin.

Are reusable cotton pads hygienic?

Absolutely - reusable cotton pads are hygienic. However, they do require regular washing - every time you take off your mascara, foundation or cleanser, you'll need to wash the pad you used to ensure all dirt and bacteria gets cleaned away.

What can I use instead of cotton pads?

There are quite a few alternatives to cotton pads now available, like reusable bamboo and microfibre pads.

flannels and muslins are good alternatives for face cleansing, Konjac sponges - made from the root of a porous Asian vegetable - are becoming increasingly popular as facial cleansing tools that exfoliate and remove makeup.

Want to live more sustainably? Then you will love these must-have eco-essentials.

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