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When my husband & I were diagnosed with food intolerances over 10 years ago, there was very (very) little in the way of gluten free, dairy free option let alone coeliac options. We had to make our own bread or go with out and if you wanted the comfort food of cheesy mac, we used this average corn pasta that would stick together in clumps.  And the cheese? Well let’s not talk about that now but not very appealing, right?

Fast forward to the present day, we can walk into restaurants and get something that isn’t just meat & lettuce (our previous go-to). Walking down the supermarket aisle we are presented with more GF, DF, EF, NF and Vegan options than I could dare to dream of 10 years ago. The food intolerance options are out there, but navigating what is suitable, tastes good and doesn’t blow the food budget is tricky.

With over two decades of cooking, using and eating food intolerance products. I am well aware how some of these products very are expensive, so I have made some poor tasting and expensive mistakes over the years! So, if you’ve just been diagnosed with a food intolerance, don’t panic I am here to help and there are things that taste like real food.  But hopefully this will help you make more informed choices, save you time & money.

I’ve reviewed and will continue to review a whole range of free from products and recipes, so whether you’re looking for the best gluten free bread or a more obscure free from products, you’ll find everything here.

Rustic Bread Loaf
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